I guess you can say that I’m a “techie” who has a flare for traveling, writing and photography.  Over the years I have become quite the world traveler–having traveled extensively throughout Asia and Europe.  When I’m not traveling or working, I like to spend my free time writing fiction stories, shooting pool, and eating Japanese food while discussing ancient cultures and civilizations. You may also find me running in the gym while listening to some good music on my iPod or hanging out at the pool when I’m too far from a beach.

If you are a fellow traveler or just enjoy seeing beautiful photography of exotic places, then follow me as I take you on my journeys through this fascinating planet of ours.

39 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello Michael. I always admire the feed of your street scenes from Japan. I think you visited more places in Japan than I ever did myself. I have a favor to ask you. For my Japaninsidersite blog, I sometimes look for photos from certain places in Japan, and I may not have appropriate pictures from the past myself. Can I possibly use your picture and leave the credit to you and the link to your site in my article? Thank you very much!

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