15 thoughts on “Crowded Streets of Tokyo”

      1. It’s super crowded in Tokyo! The population of Tokyo is over 13 million people. If you include the greater Tokyo area, you’re looking at a population of over 36 million people! I remember Manila being densely populated too. But I didn’t feel it was as bad as Tokyo. 😅

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      2. Yes, I haven’t seen Manila with so many people. When did you go to Manila? Manila is now so different from 2014’s Manila that we saw , so , so much better. Of course not as pretty as Tokyo, but Manila has so many historical sites.

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      3. Manila is so different now from 2014. They got to elect a very hardworking mayor, Francisco Moreno. Decades of neglect have indeed taken its toll, and people have given up on Manila, ironically the capital of the Philippines____ it’s taken a determined mayor to repair the damage. BY the way, when I say Manila, it’s just a city within a greater Metro-Manila that includes Makati, Quezon City, etc. ( I think 9 cities ) and though each city has a different mayor, they work as one. In the first place, there are almost no bounderies. Come back again, then you’ll see the great improvements. I suggest going during the Christmas holidays.

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      4. I’m looking forward to visiting Manila again and seeing all the changes. 😎 Thank you for the recommendation of when to go! I also want to see other places in the Philippines like Boracay. 😊

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      5. Do you know, they closed Boracay for one year. THen, just about a few months after the reopening, the pandemic opened. But good for the environment. Boracy is now is soooo clean,the bluest of the blue, the whitest of the white. And guess what, we own a vacation house there. ( Although there’s a tenant living there… South Koreans. )

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      6. That’s good to hear! I really want to see it now that you told me it’s so clean again! 🤣 I didn’t know they closed it for an entire year? And Ithat was before the pandemic? It’s good to hear they’re taking care of the environment 🤗 I’m thinking of planning a trip to the Philippines this December. I hope travel is a little better by then.

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      7. Update on Philippine travel restrictions as of June, 2020. With complete vaccination and proof of negative Covid test, a traveller to the Philippines still needs to fulfill a quarantine stay of 7 days in a booked hotel that the traveller will pay for. It’s stupid, of course. We planned to go to the Philippines, as well. Problem is, we are only given 2 weeks vacation a year.

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      8. Ugh, yes stupid. Let’s quarantine healthy people who’ve already been vaccinated and have a negative Covid test. Unfortunately, I’ve seen this requirement in several Asian countries. I hope things change soon!

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